Tuesday, February 17, 2009

the Sketching Sketcher.

No clay today, but I certainly got my sketch on! I think I had more fun with my random doodling than what I set out to brainstorm on. ...but that's okay with me.
I know caviar and bananas is a very odd combination, but check out THIS place!:
Caviar & Bananas
...amazing!! It was my first time there, but not the last.

Later on in the day I went to City Lights Cafe on Market St.... and would rather sketch all the colorful ceramics I was given instead of my future sculpture.

...finally got to what I set out to do, but it's only a tiny thumbnail. Trying to figure out a fun way to convey "forbidden fruit" and I was thinking it would be great to make the fruit cacao. (although, I know this is not how cacao grows on trees.... the pods are larger, and they grow up the trunks. I'll work on that!)


I left my favorite ring in the restroom!!! Took it off to wash my hands & left it on the sink :~(
Cross your fingers I get it back tomorrow!!
It's a sea urchin from fellow Etsyian StaroftheEast


Paula Pindroh said...

I went back today..... and nobody saw my ring :~(
It's gone.

Did you check out Star of the East's Etsy shop??
I'm going to have to mourn my urchin ring for a while & then go buy another one!!

Have a happy Thursday, people!
♥ Paula P.

threemoonbabies said...

That is such a cool ring...too bad. Love your tea set sketch...it would also look neat in clay:)

ODD imagination said...

I knew we were kindreds - you even like the same jewelry! I have StaroftheEast marked as a Fav. Love her stuff!