Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Garden Cupcakes!

I know this isn't really illustration related...but it was so artsy & creative I had to share with you. My sisters and I put on a Cupcake Decoration Day for the was a blast!
Here's a million pics....

Freshly baked Devil's Food cupcakes...

Mixing the frosting.

Paper cones of frosting all ready to go!

Starting a piped-frosting flower. Step 1: Put a dot of frosting on your decorating nail.

Step 2: Put a square of parchment on your nail. (secured with that frosting.)

Step 3: Pipe a petal.

Step 4: Pipe more petals.

Step 5: Embellish.

Step 6: Embellish more if you like :~)

Here's a view of some of my roses.

I've got a whole bunch of flowers finished...and some heads of cabbage & carrots, too. Off to the freezer to harden up nicely.

Everyone working away on their cupcakes... Those cupcakes peel right off their paper backing when frozen, and only take a minute or two to thaw out.

They're looking good! (Oreo crumbles for dirt...chocolate-covered sunflower seeds for extra detail.)

Little Max gets help from Daddy. What are you two designing???

A few of our finished gardens... they didn't last too long :~)

We got this idea from this book: Hello, Cupcake! It's full of really unique ideas.... check it out!