Thursday, January 18, 2007

Jewelry Sale!

I'm very excited! I now have my beaded jewelry for sale at Artefino Cafe/Gallery downtown. We're also having the Great Lakes Publishing show there Friday night. Hopefully some of these sell so I can keep beading!
...a small army of earrings...

...some wirey cuff bracelets...

..this is one of my very first asymmetrical bracelets---and I can't part with it!

...a black onyx/pearl bracelet with Bali silver clasps...

...and my bead board :")

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sketchbook to Final Art

Okay! Here are a couple of pieces I'm working on right now.
This first one is for Harcourt, it's going in a big book of poetry for Kindergartners. Deadline is early next week, so I'll post a final for you soon! I'm thinking about having the farmer on the left holding real seeds in his hands....maybe even Flax seeds :")

Here's how the final looks!

"Fall in Love"

Here you go, Janice!
These are the cookies that Vanessa commissioned from me for her wedding last year. I think there were 30-35 total, and she had ordered the ribbons from a company online. There weren't any extras that night!