Thursday, September 9, 2010

the Fib-Sniffer 4000

Wow! I've been digging through my closets today in search of artwork I can sell..... and I found this guy! This is my very first official clay illustration. It was for an advanced Illustration class at Kent State in Spring of '01, so nearly 10 years! It looks so.... primitive. :~)

Those hands make me laugh! ...and how my businessman is flat, with his mouth completely punched out. Those lights around the border are glow-in-the-dark.

I'll keep practicing & see how things look in another 10 years!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Polymer Clay Cactus Gardens!

Hello! Look what I did yesterday :~)

I'm preparing for my first outdoor art show next week, and I decided I needed something fun to sell that doesn't go on the wall. These little polymer clay cactus gardens are fun to arrange & re-arrange..... I'm thinking of setting a fixed price & letting people pick out their favorite 5 or 6 cactus components?

Close up of the rounds.

Plenty to choose from!

I've made the bottoms all pointy nubs; easy to stick in a little pot full of sand. (or grits, or lentils....)

I'd love any feedback on these! Should I sell the pieces individually? ...or pre-arrange the pots?
My first show should be quite the learning experience ;~)