Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Crazy Creatures

I'm thinking about making a whole mess of these polymer clay guys for the Kulture Klash show in about a month... time to get sculpting!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday!

Nothing too serious today! ...just a clay doodle of my favorite subject.
Looks like I'll have a spot at the next Kulture Klash in April!! I'm getting excited thinking about the artsy possibilities....
Check out last November's event: Kulture Klash 3

Monday, February 23, 2009

Aw, man! More sketches??

...that's right, more sketches. I think I have enough ideas down now, that I can start with the clay :~)
More to post soon!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

the Sketching Sketcher.

No clay today, but I certainly got my sketch on! I think I had more fun with my random doodling than what I set out to brainstorm on. ...but that's okay with me.
I know caviar and bananas is a very odd combination, but check out THIS place!:
Caviar & Bananas
...amazing!! It was my first time there, but not the last.

Later on in the day I went to City Lights Cafe on Market St.... and would rather sketch all the colorful ceramics I was given instead of my future sculpture.

...finally got to what I set out to do, but it's only a tiny thumbnail. Trying to figure out a fun way to convey "forbidden fruit" and I was thinking it would be great to make the fruit cacao. (although, I know this is not how cacao grows on trees.... the pods are larger, and they grow up the trunks. I'll work on that!)


I left my favorite ring in the restroom!!! Took it off to wash my hands & left it on the sink :~(
Cross your fingers I get it back tomorrow!!
It's a sea urchin from fellow Etsyian StaroftheEast

Monday, February 16, 2009

More of me at Target!

Me again! I was in Target tonight, and noticed the American Greetings Easter/St.Patty's Day paraphernalia :~)

I found these stickers of mine....but didn't see what I was hoping for: frog stickers. Maybe they're in your Target, maybe not this year. I'm told the distribution varies between stores. ???

There ARE clay leprechaun cards out now, but they were done by another sculptor. (I think it was Teresa Vargas at AG? --she's amazingly talented!!)

...Classy mini-blinds photo, huh? hehe.

Here are my beginning brainstorming/sketches on these stickers. Sometimes I write things down that I overhear or want to remember as I sketch....and then have no idea what they were about later!

So, this is COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone... but on request, here is my in-progress sculpt right now. Blocking in the main colors (under-painting?) is no fun for me; I really like adding all the finishing details. This is the basic sculpt before adding the fun stuff!

If you're wondering why all those chunks of colors are out, but NOT in my sculpt--- I try to figure out where I want my color scheme to go by picking out certain colors & seeing how they look next to each other. Here, I'm looking for a good combination for the birds/flowers. Greens-vs-purples? Greens-vs-reds & oranges? Still deciding.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Is It Spring Yet? II

I'm starting to work on some personal pieces out of clay is where I'm starting!
I drew this sketch a few months as a hopeful Skirt! Magazine cover, but it never got off the ground. Looking through my sketchbook for ideas today I remembered how much I liked it.

Monday, February 9, 2009

My work is at Target!!

Hello everyone!
I was just so tickled to see my American Greetings Valentines cards for sale at Target this weekend! My very own endcap :~)
Glad I had my camera in the car!

I did the clay sculptures for these 18 cards last summer (usually when I say that I'm busy with work but not allowed to blog about it...this is what I'm doing!) This took about a month and a half to complete... whew!
Go out & support AG, and I'll keep my eyes open for St. Patty's Day stickers and cards...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Behind the Scenes!!

...under the scenes?

A little behind-the-scenes view per request! This sculpt isn't too thick. I've been trying to keep thickness in mind in case I'd like to frame the piece later on! I've made a few polymer clay pieces meant for framing that were actually...too thick to fit in the box frames available for ordering in the frame shop. :~/

Looks messy from up here! Here you can see where I've had to peel my 'Presstime' logo letters off the background (I had them glued down) to allow for a version with no letters. Thank you, Photoshop!

Here you'll see lots of white artists tape and foam core. I'm in love with artists tape!... it holds it's stick very well, but isn't so tacky it can't be repositioned easily. When I make paper sculpts like this one, I like to be able to move my individual elements all around before I commit to a final photo.
...more to blog soon, have a great Saturday!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Sign of the Times

Check out what just came for me in the mail!
I really like the way this cover illustration turned out... and it's so great to see it in print form on the magazine! Yay.

This is how the sculpt looked before I added the Presstime title. The sculpt was made basically to scale, so it was around 7" by 9" and the paper stood out about 1.5" in thickness.