Saturday, February 7, 2009

Behind the Scenes!!

...under the scenes?

A little behind-the-scenes view per request! This sculpt isn't too thick. I've been trying to keep thickness in mind in case I'd like to frame the piece later on! I've made a few polymer clay pieces meant for framing that were actually...too thick to fit in the box frames available for ordering in the frame shop. :~/

Looks messy from up here! Here you can see where I've had to peel my 'Presstime' logo letters off the background (I had them glued down) to allow for a version with no letters. Thank you, Photoshop!

Here you'll see lots of white artists tape and foam core. I'm in love with artists tape!... it holds it's stick very well, but isn't so tacky it can't be repositioned easily. When I make paper sculpts like this one, I like to be able to move my individual elements all around before I commit to a final photo.
...more to blog soon, have a great Saturday!

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renovia said...

Thank you Paula! This is very interesting!