Friday, August 22, 2008

Munny 2.0

Last night we went to a Munny show at Redux (a contemporary art center in Charleston.)
I guess these Munny dolls have a huge following! They're plain vinyl dolls that you can buy to customize any way you'd like. Many local artists and craftspeople created their own versions of the Munny, and Redux had a big art opening/auction. Very interesting!!

Here's my little interpretation of my pooch... I wish I could've seen all these blank Munny's filled in. We left somewhat early... hungry hungry!

(I totally should've drawn a cyclops-zombie instead of my dog, but the little 8-yr old girl next to me beat me to it!)

The outside of Redux.

...a late dinner at the "Fast & French" on Broad street.... Yum! (It's not really called that, but their name is a tough one to pronounce for the non-French speakers! --->Gaulart & Maliclet.)

...and here's my Charleston Food + Wine Festival entry for the poster contest, all dolled up & mounted on some serious foam-core. 75% of the people who have seen it didn't really know what it was supposed to be, so I'm guessing it's a little too vague. I still love it, though!

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bmd said...

i knew was it was immediately. and i love it!