Friday, August 29, 2008

Fused Glass Pendants

I met some friends for a class on making fused-glass pendants at Blue Heron Glass... what cool results!

These are my finished six pendants:

(now they just need some silver bails...)

How they looked before they were fired:

Close-up of my favorite!:

I'll definitely try this again! (and now I understand how the glass moves around/reacts with other colors a little better.)
Just what I need... another hobby!


Andrew Connell said...

Ahh - that's excellent! This looks like huge fun - too bad Blue Heron Glass is only in Charleston...

Great blog and Flickr photostream - hope to see more of your glasswork soon!

Katlyn said...

You look like you have about as many hobbies as I do - I love your stuff!