Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Dog as a Landscape.

While this isn't really illustration-related, I do love a good photo safari once in a while. I was shooting some sculptures in the light tent today, and Miss Terra conked out on her bed right next to me. (Extra-long walk today.) Some of her details caught my eye, and I already had one of my macro filters on....

A very textured snout.

Leg Landscapes.

...I always liked these spots on her chest/bib. I think it's called 'party mix?'

...and some talons for a finale.

She didn't even know I was taking her picture!

1 comment:

nancyrosetta said...


This is fantastic!

I may have to copy you and do a landscape of Buster...I love the snout shot! If/when I do, you will receive full credit for the idea!
I take so many photos of him as it is, he is usually oblivious to it.

I love your blog, your polyanimals and your etsy shop!! I am so glad I found you!