Sunday, October 26, 2008

Beach Glass Jewelry!

I suppose I'm still enjoying 'Jewelry Mode!'
I've had a huge bag of beach glass that I collected on the rocky shore of Lake Erie that I haven't figured out what to do with... until a friend of mine recently taught me how to solder. (fun!) We sculpted some bails from wire, soldered them smooth, added a patina, and E-6000'd them to my beach glass to create some unique pendants.
Some photos:

These are all the bails before I glued them to the glass.

Waiting for the glue to dry!

I also found some beautiful pieces of old pottery on the beach that had been tumbled smooth the same way the beach glass had been.

My favorites are the pieces that have evidence of lettering.

One of my first necklaces! I don't think I'll be able to give it away ;~)


threemoonbabies said...

Beach glass is my favorite! Love the pottery that you found too. Great stuff!

Me said...

Hey P - are you going to put this on Etsy? I would love a necklace! The Beach Glass is beautiful! You do such wonderful work!
Have a great week Paula!

Paula Pindroh said...

I'm thinking that some of these may end up on Etsy... wow, it's been a while since I've listed anything! Time to stock up those shelves....

I need to figure out who needs beachglass for Christmas..... ;~)
Which color is your favorite?

Me said...

I really like the darker green and the tealish blue ones. They are all pretty though. I would gladly pay for a necklace. I was not fishing for a gift! I noticed you haven't put much up on Etsy lately. How come kiddo?

Paula Pindroh said...

Hehe, I know you weren't fishing!

Yeah, I guess I've taken a little vacation from my Etsy shop. ...but, I'm ready to jump back into it! Christmas ornaments, here I come ;~)

Me said...

Good for you! I'll be checking it out often! Keep up the good work chickie poo!

Whimsical Creations said...


LakeErieBeachGlass said...

I love the pieces you've found! Being a glasser, I particular fall in love with the pottery pieces and I love how you used the polymer with them! I checked your etsy shop out and those poly pups are awesome! Great job from one glasser to the next!

JLynnCreations said...

Beautiful work Paula!! I adore beach glass! It's so much fun to work with isn't it? Best of luck to you!!

Brad said...

Hey Paula, this work looks great. I'm also a Cincinnatian and wanted to make a piece of my girlfriend's beach glass into a necklace.

Can you offer some tips? Or would you have time to do it (for a fee)? Or do you know where I could go to have it made?

I would love to etch a symbol into it as well, if you know about that.